Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade (1994?-2006) - Magic Kingdom - Part 1

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Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade performed at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parties and on the weeks before, after, and of Christmas. It featured Disney characters with a catchy musical score and brilliant floats, featuring festive holiday celebrations and a peek into Santa's Workshop, plus a visit from the man with the big white beard himself!But what many don't know is that the parade has evolved significantly over the years. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade evolved out of Mickey's Christmas Cavalcade, a short parade using lesser floats and characters and some different music. Most of the floats already existed in some form or another for various different reasons, such as some being from other parades, and some being moved from Disneyland.By 1996, Mickey's Christmas Cavalcade had grown to a point where it became Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade. Music changes continued throughout the years as it added more and more floats and bands and changed around the order. By 2006, the parade was a full on extravaganza with six bands, over 20 floats and many characters.In typical Disney fashion, then came the cutbacks. The circus unit was removed first, and its music was moved to a different part of the parade, but this was before the nightmare of cutbacks named "Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade". All bands were cut except for the toy soldiers and glockenspiel girls (the latter of which only lasted first year). The princess unit, which once contained a carriage for nearly every princess, was limited to one for Cinderella and the rest of the princesses were grouped onto the infamous castle (except Snow White, who rode the grand marshal float). The riverboat featuring Song of the South characters and a brass band was sadly removed, because its music would not fit the new slow pace. Various characters were also removed, including Robin Hood and Little John, the Fantasia hippos, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, the penguins, and in 2008, Mrs. Claus.Alas, not all hope was lost. In 2008, Santa Claus got a brand new sleigh, and Chip and Dale's ice rink was turned into a ski lodge. In 2009, Tiana and Prince Naveen got their own carriage and Aladdin and Jasmine were added to the princess float.This half of the parade includes the long, drawn-out introduction, followed by Mickey and Minnie's opening unit. After this is the long-retired Snow White unit's music, and then the big band music for the Song of the South float. Unfortunately I am missing multiple tracks from this parade, including Winnie the Pooh, the princesses' ball, and the big band arrangement and Goofy's voiceover for the finale unit.None of the pictures belong to me!

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