Weltraumschiff 1 Startet - Old Nazi Space Propaganda Film пропаганда мультик

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За ролик пока что никто не голосовал...

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You can download a 1.1GB mpeg file at http://archive.org/details/gov.archives.arc.67908 The B&W footage from the 1938 German film "Weltraumschiff 1 Startet" (Rocketship 1 Launches) timeline shown below, was colorized and combined with an even larger amount of footage from the 1953 Soviet film "Polet na Lunu" (Rocket to the Moon) which eventually became the English language version of the animated short film entitled "The Space Explorers (1957)" we are more familiar with.These minutes correspond to the timeline in the above download that was incorporated into The Space Explorers:13:25 - 15:0015:20 - 15:5516:20 - 16:3017:00 - 17:3018:15 - 19:5020:00 - 20:3020:50 - 21:1521:30 - 21:50-----------------------------------------------As mentioned in the previous update, you can visit the website link below and then right-click the link at the top of the list where you see polet.na.luna.avi and save the Russian language version of the movie on your hard drive. The cat is now out of the bag. This was originally Soviet-era animation repackaged and dubbed in English by Fred Ladd and William Cayton.http://multiki.arjlover.net/info/polet.na.lunu.avi.htmlBelow is a direct link:http://multiki.arjlover.net/multiki/polet.na.lunu.avi

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