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The opening sequence of the Last Exile anime - without the opening credits.Last Exile is copyrighted by Gonzo.The name of the song is "Cloud Age Symphony" by Shuntaro Okino.In Japanese ~Just keep on trying, keep on flyingI will be the lightYoake wo hitotsu no hajimari to suru naraIma ga kita beki toki da to suru naraKimi to no Cloud Age SymphonyKumo no umi no mukou ni hikari ga sasu hou eAh, mahou no you na isshun ni aeru no ka?Tsumetai yo wo hikikae niFutari wa habataiteEien wo tsukamu Sono hate ni wa....In English ~Just keep on trying, keep on flyingI will be the lightIf we think of the dawn as one beginningIf we think of right now as the time to comeIt's a Cloud Age Symphony together with youoff where the light shines beyond the sea of cloudsOh, can I encounter a moment that is just like magic?In exchange for a cold night, we flap our wingsand graps eternity at our journey's end