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This is a video that I did at my cousins. We wanted to do a gun video, but we didn't have any gun props..... This is what we came up with, enjoy. Please comment, like, share, and subscribe to creativefilms12HD (short/ very short) film toolsVideo editor (s)- kdenlive / cinelerra / openshot all for ubuntuSound editor (s)- Audacity / Linux multimedia studio (lmms) / Hydrogen drum machineImage editor- Gimp image editorCamera- Sony a65 dslr HD video 24 frames per second (fps)Lenses- Sony 50mm prime, Sony 35 mm prime, Sony 18-135mm zoomSound- Zoom H2 recorderGear- Tripod Slik U 9000 / diy fig rig from indy mogul spray painted black made with pvc pipe Props- g36c airsoft guns / H&K .45 airsoft guns / mp5 airsoft gun / spas 12 airsoft gun / p99 airsoft gun / five seven airsoft gun / desert eagle airsoft gun / 1911 airsoft gun / glock airsoft gunChannel url- am I?Hi my name is Seth. I'm 16 years old and I love making videos and editing them. I really want to get adobe after effects and 3ds max. I put out a new video every Monday.

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